Accelerating Clinical Implementation of Patient-derived Organoid Technology

A multidisciplinary team led by SFB 1321 Principal investigator PD Dr. Max Reichert (P12, S01) discovers that cell-free DNA shed by pancreatic cancer patient-derived organoids allow accelerated implementation organoid technology in personalized oncology.

For more information read our new publication (In-press Preview) in JCI Insight / Journal of Clinical Investigation:

Research background: Using system biology approaches as well as complementary in vitro and in vivo assays, Reicherts laboratory addresses questions related to both basic as well as translational pancreatic cancer biology. In particular, the development and implementation of patient-derived model systems to identify therapeutic vulnerabilities as well as novel treatment avenues is a strong focus of the group.

Important contributions to the field include the identification of master regulators of cellular plasticity, exploiting plasticity inhibition as novel therapeutic approach as well as elucidating the molecular mechanisms of metastatic organotropism in pancreatic cancer.

Photo: Dr. med. vet. Zahra Dantes, VMD, PhD (Postdoc), PD Dr. med. Maximilian Reichert (PI)