Günter Schneider W2 professor at the University Medical Center Göttingen

From July 2021, Günter Schneider, co-spokesperson of the SFB1321 and PI of P13 and S01, became W2 professor for Translational Cancer Research at the University Medical Center Göttingen, Department of General, Visceral and Pediatric Surgery.

Prof. Schneider studied medicine at the University of Regensburg and Würzburg. He started his clinical training at the University of Ulm, where he worked from 1997 till 2002. During this period, he started to work on molecular alteration driving gastrointestinal cancers, particularly pancreatic cancer. In 2002 he joined the TUM Klinikum recht der Isar and built up an independent research group focusing on the understanding of gastrointestinal cancers and the development of novel therapies. His work was awarded with the Werner-Creutzfeldt research fellowship.

At his new position he will continue to work on the development of novel therapeutic opportunities for gastrointestinal cancers.