Lecture Series
Modelling and Targeting Pancreatic Cancer

In this lecture program we will present the state of the art knowledge of pancreatic cancer research. Top representatives of the respective research fields will give an overview of implications of their field of research with respect to pancreatic cancer pathogenesis, diagnosis, and treatment.

Modul I took place last winter semester (2019/2020), Modul II will take place next winter semester (2020/2021).

The lecture series is part of the MD/PhD program "Medical life science and technology" of the TUM Graduate School.

Anyone who is interested is very welcome! There is no registration required.

Klinikum rechts der Isar
Lecture room ward T1a (> site plan)

16:15 - 17:45

Module I winter semester 2019/2020:
15.10.2019: Clinic of PDAC for Scientists (R. M. Schmid)
22.10.2019: PDAC Pathology (M. Schlitter/K. Steiger)
29.10.2019: Genetics of PDAC (R. Rad)
05.11.2019: Technics to Understand Epigenetic Aspects of PDAC (F. Cernilogar)
12.11.2019: Role of inflammatory signalling pathways in PDAC (H. Algül)
19.11.2019: Plasticity in PDAC initiation and progression (M. Reichert)
26.11.2019: Role of RNF43 in carcinogenesis (M. Gerhard)
03.12.2019: Role of the nerve system in PDAC biology (I. E. Demir )
10.12.2019: Mouse Models to dissect Immunopathways in PDAC (M. Schmidt-Supprian)
17.12.2019: Innate Immunity in PDAC (B. Holzmann)
07.01.2020: Metabolism and PDAC (K. Stemmer)
14.01.2020: Diabetes and PDAC (S. Herzig)
21.01.2020: Cachexia – Molecular Mechanisms and Therapeutic Consequences (M. Berriel Diaz)