Patient care

Pancreatic cancer represents one of the most aggressive cancer types with exceptional resistance towards chemotherapy and is considered the biggest challenge in oncology. Generating a comprehensive mechanistic understanding of the disease and exploring new therapeutic avenues – this is our aspiration at the Pancreatic Cancer Collaborative Research Center.

From basic research to clinical development
Several research teams run interdisciplinary research projects using advanced model systems to gain novel insights into pancreatic cancer by approaching the disease holistically. Our long-term goal: translating research findings into clinical care to be able to offer patients the best treatment possible.

Clinical competence and expertise joint together
Patients have access to state-of-the-art clinical care, including the most modern and effective diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, as well as numerous clinical trials at:

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Being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer is a tremendous shock for those affected and their families. Besides getting the best possible treatment, it is also critical to share individual experiences with other patients, to receive social and emotional support as well as to gain access to information about the disease and related topics.

Therefore we would like to recommend the following websites: