Future directions in preclinical and translational cancer neuroscience research

Demir, I. E., Reyes, C. M., Alrawashdeh, W., Ceyhan, G. O., Deborde, S., Friess, H., Görgülü, K., Istvanffy, R., Jungwirth, D., Kuner, R., Maryanovich, M., Na’ara, S., Renders, S., Saloman, J. L., Scheff, N. N., Steenfadt, H., Stupakov, P., Thiel, V., Verma, D., Yilmaz, B. S., White, R. A., Wang, T. C., Wong, R. J., Frenette, P. S., Gil, Z., The Neural Influences in Cancer (NIC) International Research Consortium, Davis, B. M. (2020). Nature Cancer 1, 1027–1031


Recent advances in cancer neuroscience necessitate the systematic analysis of neural influences in cancer as potential therapeutic targets in oncology. Here we outline recommendations for future preclinical and translational research in this field.