Lecture Series
Modelling and Targeting Pancreatic Cancer

In this lecture program we will present the state of the art knowledge of pancreatic cancer research. Top representatives of the respective research fields will give an overview of implications of their field of research with respect to pancreatic cancer pathogenesis, diagnosis, and treatment.

Module I and Module II take place alternately.

The lecture series is part of the MD/PhD program "Medical life science and technology" of the TUM Graduate School(link is external).

Anyone who is interested is very welcome!

Online via Zoom.

If you are interested, please contact the office of the SFB for dial-in details:
Email: sfb1321@mri.tum.de(link sends e-mail)
Phone: +49.89.4140.4797

16:15 - 17:45 CEST (until 31.10.2021)
16:15 - 17:45 CET (from 1.11.2021)

Dates Module I*:
19.10.21: Plasticity in PDAC initiation and progression (Project P12)
26.10.21: Clinic of PDAC for scientists (Project P03)
02.11.21: Genetics of PDAC (Project P01)
09.11.21: Role of inflammatory signalling pathways in PDAC (Project P04)
16.11.21: Mouse models to dissect immunopathways in PDAC (Project P06)
23.11.21: Role of the nerve system in PDAC biology (Project P07)
30.11.21: Diabetes and PDAC cachexia – Molecular mechanisms and therapeutic consequences (Project P09)
07.12.21: Technics to understand Epigenetic Aspects of PDAC (Project P13)
14.12.21: Microfluidic based in vitro systems for modeling pancreatic cancer
21.12.21: Phospholipid composition of pancreatic cancer as therapeutic target in coagulopathy and metastasis
11.01.22: Disrupting spliceosome-licensed oncogene collaboration networks for precision cancer therapy
18.01.22: Dissecting the Role of APOBEC3A in driving drug resistance in PDAC
25.01.22: PDAC Pathology (Service Project S01)

Module II:
Lipid metabolism and PDAC: From Mechanisms to Biomarkers (Project P14)
RNF43 as a potential immunotherapeutic target in GI cancers (Project P17)
Venous thromboembolism and extracellular vesicles (EV): a road to metastasis (Project P10)
Circadian Clocks and Cancer (Project P11)
High-throughput drug screens in pancreatic cancer (Service Project S01)
Generating and investigating large animal models of PDAC (Project P02)
Intravital two-photon microscopy for PDAC analysis (Project P10)
Murine models of PDAC (Project P06)
Therapeutic Targeting of PDAC (Project P13)
Data integration in the SFB 1321 (Service Project S02)
Radioimmunotherapy of PDAC (Project P16)
Irradiation of PDAC: From the clinical to mechanistic insights (Project P15)
Adding a proteomic component to molecular tumor boards (Project P18)

*Changes at short notice are possible. Please check here for the latest status.